The 3rd edition COSME Tech Osaka will open on Sep 28th-30th, 2022. Visit SR Packaging to explore the sustainability focus of clean beauty packaging.

Recycle plastic waste. Recreate the classics. Refillable PCR Airless.

The Refillable PCR Airless cartridges fit in classic designs for clean beauty skincare brands to move on to sustainable solutions without changing the look of the products.

SR Packaging Catalog 2022 for download

SR Packaging Catalog 2022 has more refillable ECO Airless variations, recycled plastic in every possible option, packaging tubes of biomass material, and recycled ocean waste plastics.

Discover recycled plastic potential

Maximize recycled plastic potential, and select PCR packaging for a sustainable world.


Leading Innovation in Sustainable Packaging
Eco Airless Bottle & refillable solutions. PCR bottles, dispensing pumps, jars, and tubes.
SRP satisfies all your packaging needs.


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Sustainable Packaging Solution for Professional Skincare

We help skincare, personal care, beauty, and cosmetic companies to build measurable success with advanced technology and high efficiency.

PCR solutions

SR Packaging is fully committed to sustainable plastic production by innovating packaging design. It’s not an overnight change, and the commitment is not any marketing campaign. It’s a responsibility behind profitable corporate growth, a real cost beyond calculation that needs to be considered.