PCR solutions


The start, the progress, and the future of SR Packaging's sustainable plan

SR Packaging was founded in 1989, the same year that The Langkawi Declaration on the Environment was issued, people were informed of concerns of global warming, land degradation, marine pollution, species extinctions, and such. The outcry of struggling for “Sustainable development”, “Environmental-friendly”, “Save the Earth” were everywhere. There were people and organizations doing the effort relentlessly to make a change. Gradually, the real action made by governments started, and legislate to ban irresponsible plastic abuse that had made severe damages to this planet for decades.

Today, SR Packaging is fully committed to sustainable plastic production by innovating packaging design. It’s not an overnight change, and the commitment is not any marketing campaign. It’s a responsibility behind profitable corporate growth, a real cost beyond calculation that needs to be considered.

The action started in 2006 via collaborations with brands. The Body Shop was the first company contacted SR Packaging and looked for post-consumer recycled solutions. Since then, SR Packaging initialized its long term plan of converting all its plastic materials to be available with post-consumer recycled resin, and at the same time, adopts biodegradable materials for the next alternative... With years of development, thanks to the advanced technology, earlier in 2019, SR Packaging completes another task of creating PCR Airless Bottle which is believed to be the first in the world.